Month: July 2014

Wellness/Health Blogging

Woman_waits_at_water_station_USAID_Kasia_McCormickLiz has been blogging on behalf of Esther Gokhale, founder of the Gokhale Method Institute, since April 2013.

Developing these  posts is a collaborative process. In most instances, Liz generates story ideas, discusses them with Esther during weekly Skype sessions, then sets about developing the posts, always writing in Esther’s voice. After researching content and identifying public domain images, Liz works up a first draft, then taps Esther for her subject matter expertise. Liz then fine-tunes the posts to reflect Esther’s input, and submits final drafts for insertion in the Gokhale Method’s Positive Stance e-newsletter, which boasts 90,000 followers.

While published versions of these posts can also be accessed via the Wellness/Health ‘Live’ Blogroll link, to the right, Liz features them here, because she is not the sole blogger for the Gokhale Method Institute; also, she prefers her original formatting.

One post, “Muscling Up,” was developed for a potential client seeking digital patient education.


Image Credit:
Woman waits at water station provided by USAID, 2012, Kasia McCormick, Wikimedia Commons